Instructions for Donating Stock (Securities) to The IM ABLE Foundation.

Thank you for contacting the IM ABLE Foundation regarding the donation of stock. Electronic delivery of stock shares is the most secure and expedient delivery process available and provides efficient internal control as well as cost savings. To help you facilitate a gift of stock, please use the following instructions.

1. Contact your broker with your donation intentions. Have them transfer the securities to:

Pershing, LLC
Account # JLS017115, The IM ABLE Foundation, Inc.
Pershing’s DTC # 0443

2. Notify the IM ABLE Foundation. Please notify the IM ABLE Foundation office by emailing:

Brian Sutherland, IM ABLE’s Director of Development at and cc Brad Small at

Kindly provide the following information so we can identify and acknowledge your gift:

• a description of the securities to be donated,
• the number of shares,
• your name, registration of account, address, email address, and phone number

Additional Information

Valuation for tax purposes and date of gift: The date of the gift is the day the stock passes from your control. The value, for income tax purposes, is the mean between the high and the low quoted selling price on that day. Your gift will be acknowledged by The IM ABLE Foundation.

The IM ABLE Foundation is obligated to record your gift as of the day it is received into its brokerage account. Consequently, given the increased volume of year‐end gift transactions, it is advisable for you to plan your year‐end charitable giving as early as possible. You may wish to have regular communications with your broker to ensure that the transfer has actually taken place. These steps should help to assure you receive proper credit for your gift within the tax year desired.

The IM ABLE Foundation does not make any representations as to the accuracy of the above information. You should always consult with your tax and/or financial advisor before initiating a charitable gift arrangement.