A world where Stella can be Stella

Hundreds of people thank you…more are waiting

We are here for the Cannons and for hundreds of other families every year who are looking for an inclusive community where everybody can participate.

It isn’t possible without this community, without you. You’ve given so much to this mission and we’ve helped athletes of all abilities realize that there are no obstacles that we cannot overcome as a community.

You’re awesome, and we can’t thank you enough for making the decision to donate to IM ABLE Foundation.

Let’s turn hundreds into thousands. Donate today by mail (1007 Hill Ave, Bldg 17, Wyomissing, PA 19610), or right here on this page.

Thank you for being a hero to so many,



Chris Kaag, Founder & CEO



We had no idea anything was off until 10 minutes after she was born when the nurses asked to see her. A doctor basically told us that all hope was lost. There was so much I wanted to share with our daughter. I grieved the loss of the life I’d imagined for her.

We went to your BASH and Got the Nerve? Triathlon. It gave us so much hope to see you, excited to create a world that’s more inclusive. Seeing all the IM FIT kids. It was so uplifting. Knowing that someday, we’d be needing those services. Even then, we were so grateful for people who gave their time, their money to create the inclusive community where everybody can participate.

Baby Stella with Ryan, another IM ABLE equipment grant recipient

You are this community. Your support makes a world where she is completely accepted, where everyone is trying to make things work tor her. Unlike other places that just say, ‘she can’t do this, sorry,’ you include Stella, and so many kids like her.

Yes. IM ABLE provides the equipment and programs that people with disabilities need to be included, celebrated even. But it’s so much more. For these kids, it’s friendships, it’s confidence. It’s your conviction that we can find a way for Stella to participate and that she deserves to.

IM ABLE and its donors have created a world where Stella can be Stella. 

At IM ABLE’s equipment demo days, Stella can find a bike she can ride. At IM FIT Inclusive Group Fitness Classes, Stella can exercise and have fun in ways that work with her body. IM ABLE events connect Stella to other people with disabilities who show her what is possible and give her growing body and mind new goals. 

Most importantly, the IM ABLE community and its supporters give Stella a place where she can have a blast and feel completely accepted doing it. 

Please. Continue to donate to this organization so we can continue to show the world that hope is not lost. it’s alive and well at IM ABLE. 



Your donation helps host a variety of recreational and competitive fitness programming for people of all abilities.


Adaptive equipment is expensive! Your donation helps provide grants to help individuals
purchase their own adaptive fitness gear.


Through your donation, IM ABLE hosts inclusive events, including a triathlon, a duathlon, and an informal gala awards ceremony, welcoming participants of all abilities