IMPACT – Jessica K

Jessica K. is a special education teacher in West Chester School District and studying toward her MBA to find ways to improve the education system for kids with challenges. She’s legit and you are helping make a difference in her life – and making it possible to show her students what people with challenges can … Continue reading IMPACT – Jessica K

IMPACT – IM FIT Inclusive Group Fitness Program

At his 15-month checkup, Ryan was behind in everything. It started with speech therapy. Then occupational therapy. Then physical therapy.  One of his therapists brought up the idea of autism. I was in denial. I was totally ok with him being developmentally delayed. But then he was diagnosed with autism. It meant that it wasn’t … Continue reading IMPACT – IM FIT Inclusive Group Fitness Program

IMPACT – Laura Klitsch

There’s no shortage of sayings reinforcing the importance of first place in our culture. Ricky Bobby’s perspective was “if you ain’t first, you’re last.”  “Second place is the first loser” is on t-shirts sold at every mall across the country. Edmund Hillary said “no one remembers who climbed Mount Everest the second time.” In case … Continue reading IMPACT – Laura Klitsch

IMPACT – McDevitt, Saunders, and Kutch Families

IM ABLE Foundation Donors Tom and Elaine McDevitt provide opportunity for two Berks County families. Chris Saunders was 30 years old and hunting with his dad in 2011 when his life changed forever. “I was up in the tree stand and the whole tree fell,” said Chris. “It’s not like the stand broke. It all … Continue reading IMPACT – McDevitt, Saunders, and Kutch Families