Operation Lead from the Front

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OLFTF empowers both veterans and individuals with challenges in this community by linking them in a one-on-one exercise-based relationship. The program is designed to provide these two populations with a mutually beneficial connection fostered through accountability, teamwork, and respect. Over the 13 years IM ABLE has been changing lives in Berks County and the surrounding communities, we have fostered a supportive community of adaptive athletes who are redefining what is possible.  There are veterans in this community in need of a new mission now that they are no longer in active service. Connecting them forms a mutually beneficial relationship, empowering and lifting them both up.

Join Operation Lead from the Front as a mentor to a young adaptive athlete. Take the first step by filling out this form.
Help the IM ABLE Foundation provide life-changing mentoring relationships. Each match between an adaptive athlete and a veteran costs approximately $1,000. Thank you for your generosity.


IM Able. Operation Lead From The Front
IM Able Foundation Presents Operation Lead From The Front