IM ABLE athlete Patrick Sweeney discovers the joy of triathlon

T3 member Patrick Sweeney is a spokesperson for The IM ABLE Foundation which was created to build and support active lifestyles for individuals with disabilities.

When Pat was 18 years old, he was diagnosed with Rasmussen’s Syndrome, a rare disease that attacks the right hemisphere of his brain. In 2006, Patrick had a hemispherectomy, which stopped the progression of his disease but also left him with limited use of his left arm and leg.

Pat is riding his recumbent bike to stay active, and to inspire others. He said, “Perseverance to me is overcoming obstacles to achieve my desired outcome and learning from my setbacks so that they allow me to improve.”

His training included four months with 20 mile sprint rides on the weekends, light gym program at home as well as at Paoli Fitness 3 times a week in their adaptive fitness program

So far this season, Pat completed the bike portion of two sprint triathlons: Got The Nerve and Hammonton. He said, “When I crossed the finish line, it was great seeing my family and teammates and feeling accomplished.”

He shared with us, “For the year ahead I would like to continue to race as much as I can and improve along the way. I do have a desire to compete in the other events someday. Currently in the pool swimming one time per week and in PT working on mobility to be able to run again.”

Never Say No, the Story of Patrick Sweeney
Never Say No, the Story of Patrick Sweeney.
Pure determination and perseverance and never giving up