Gregory H

April, 2023

My father Gregory is my role model. This is his only child Bryce writing on his behalf.

My father was previously working to defend this nation as a contractor with the Department of Homeland Security in the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction – Mobile Detection Deployment Unit. He loved his job and the impact he was able to have.

Gregory H, on left, working with the Department of Homeland Security

My father suffered a stroke in March of 2022. I left college to finish remotely and take care of him. He is single and I am his only child. He currently lives with my grandma, his mom, so she helps support him in a few ways.

We battled through an original prognosis that stated: he would never move his right side again, never understand what’s going on, and never live outside of a hospital bed. We took that news as a challenge and honestly, refused to buy it.

I am happy to report that I am writing to you one year later and he has tested out of physical therapy, works out 3-4 hours/day 6 days a week, and is on the come up. He is gaining independence every day however his speech is still taking a while to come back. Since reading, writing, and speaking are difficult, he is unable to work. His rehabilitation is his full-time focus.

With that being said, I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your program.

We would like to request the purchase of a recumbent trike for my father. Preferably something that is light-weight and can fold into the back of an SUV. There is a beautiful bike trail nearby in Connellsville, PA that runs right along the river. Although he may not be able to ride a regular bike currently, I would like to give him the ability to enjoy the outdoors as he loves to bike. He currently works out at the local YMCA and swims, lifts, walks, etc. We would like to request something standard. He does not need an electric bike or anything fancy.

Specifically, the finances are the issue. Since these bikes can be in the 3-5k range, it is not in the budget for us right now. I just finished up college and my father only receives disability at this time. 

A recumbent trike would be a game changer in his rehab for getting healthy outdoor exercise coupled with a heightened freedom that is so often stripped of people going through a tragic event like he went through.

At 59 years old, he still has more in the tank and wants to serve others. Part of the IM ABLE mission and founding story touched on realizing new joys and new limits. I believe this grant will help my father directly do that. Although communication is not at 100%, getting a trike was an idea he had going back to last fall. I truly believe this would give him a new joy and new limits.

He has never done anything like a Triathlon but it would be great to see… From never moving his right side again to finishing a triathlon, that would be an amazing full circle moment for us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Update – November, 2023

My father Gregory took part in the Captain Hiram’s Sprint Triathlon on Sunday, November 12th. This event was down in Florida and he had a blast! He did this with his cousin and was a perfect combo of family time and getting active.

However, he would not have been able to do this if it was not for the IM ABLE foundation.

We are happy to report that he just completed this sprint triathlon and used a trike purchased with the IM ABLE grant to make this happen.

Night and day… And our journey continues to get him back to work. He desires to get back to working in the Homeland Security division of Countering weapons of mass destruction, mobile detection deployment unit.

As his son, I’m so proud of how far he’s come, and where he is going. This bike has been huge in his rehab and has given him gaining independence. We are so grateful to the IM ABLE foundation for making this happen! God bless! 

While his physical abilities are progressing with his hard work and the new bike, his verbal abilities are still coming back to him, so a quote from him is tough – but he is so so grateful 🙂

Our generous donors and volunteers made this possible and we can’t thank them enough.