Primarily, IM ABLE Adaptive Equipment Grants are awarded to individuals with physical, cognitive, and/or behavioral challenges residing in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing adaptive sports gear and group fitness programs. At times, we will award grants to organizations whose mission aligns with ours (see eligibility requirements below). Our purpose is to unleash the potential in physically challenged children and adults to be more active, enjoy the benefits of physical fitness, and spend more time in the great outdoors.

For Individuals

Award criterion for individuals is primarily based on the following variables:

  • Residence in the mid-Atlantic region, defined as the following states: PA, NJ, MD, DE, DC, and NY. Due to limited funding, we are unable to consider applications outside of these states.
  • Consideration of the physical condition, limitations, and potential of the applicant.
  • Financial challenges or hardship.
  • A demonstrated commitment by the candidate to become more active.

Grant applications for individuals should include: a brief biography which details the disability of the applicant, three letters of reference (including at least one from a medical professional), and proof of income.

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For Organizations

The IM ABLE Foundation operates with a unique approach to our philanthropic initiatives. As an organization, IM ABLE does not typically offer grants to other entities. However, we occasionally seek opportunities to collaborate and partner with like-minded organizations that align with our mission. Instead of direct financial assistance, IM ABLE focuses on creating partnerships that enable us to provide equipment or support programming initiatives that promote inclusivity and accessibility for individuals with disabilities. By leveraging shared resources and expertise, IM ABLE seeks to forge alliances with compatible organizations to collectively enhance the availability of specialized equipment or programs that empower individuals with physical challenges to lead active and fulfilling lives.

To start a conversation about potentially partnering with IM ABLE, please send an email to with your idea. 

Inclusive Fitness Grants

IM ABLE Inclusive Fitness Grants are awarded to individuals who are looking to take part in the fitness programs offered at our facilities but may be limited by financial hardship. Our purpose is to unleash the potential in physically challenged children and adults to be more active and to enjoy the benefits of physical fitness.


Financial Assistance Form & Medical Clearance Forms

Personal Training Financial Assistance Application
Personal Training Medical Clearance Form

Enrollment & Waiver

Eligibility Requirements for all IM ABLE Grants (Equipment and Inclusive Fitness)

Individuals and Organizations must submit an IM ABLE Grant Application or Inquiry to the Foundation Board for award consideration. Subsequent interviews and further information may be required before final decisions are made. Our primary service area is the Mid-Atlantic region only defined as the following states: PA, NJ, MD, DE, DC, and NY.  Applicants who do not complete the entire application will not be reviewed. Please mail all grant applications and Letters of Inquiry to:

IM ABLE Foundation

1007 Hill Avenue, Building 17

Wyomissing, PA  19610

  • Grant applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis, three times a year. Applications can be submitted at any point to They will be reviewed three times a year with the following deadlines:
    • August 30th
    • December 30th
    • March 31st

Individuals and Organizations receiving grants from the Foundation must agree to a “IM ABLE” success story and profile on the IM ABLE website, organization brochures, and other marketing materials. This profile may include photographs and moving pictures designed to inspire other individuals in support of the Foundations stated mission and ongoing initiatives.[/alert-info]