GET UP and CLIMB!–Spooky Nook Sports

IM ABLE recently hosted a “Get Up and Climb” day at Spooky Nook Sports, in Lancaster, PA. Partnering with ABOVE LIMITS, IM ABLE was able to transform the Nooks famed climbing wall into an adaptive wall so that individuals with a broad range of disabilities could come out and climb. This was such an exciting day for the IM ABLE Foundation, ABOVE LIMITS and Spooky Nook, as it was our first big collaborative event and the first time the Nook was able to host an adaptive event!

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Over 30 individuals came out to try their hand in adaptive climbing. Groups from local organization such as Vision Core, Lebanon VA, and E.A.R.S brought individuals out. Everyone from those with vision and hearing impairments, to amputees to Para-Olympic equestrian athletes, to those with developmental disabilities came out to try climbing. Talk about an exciting event to be a part of!

For many it was their first time ever trying something like this. One individual, Patrick explained, “I never thought I could do something like this. Me? Climb a rock wall? It was such a liberating experience”. Groups of lookers watched intensely as individuals climbed for the first time, cheering on everyone was they made their way up the wall.

The atmosphere at the Nook was incredible; everyone really enjoyed the day. It was such an inspiring event to see individuals, who one second were in a chair and the next they were climbing up a 45-foot rock wall!

IM ABLE cannot begin to thank both ABOVE LIMITS and Spooky Nook enough! Their support, willingness and excitement were truly undeniable and made for such an incredible atmosphere to be apart of. Over all, this event was a grand success. We look forward to hosting many more adaptive events at Spooky Nook Sports. Keep an eye on our website for information about upcoming adaptive events!!

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