We have the opportunity to help Connor after an accident nearly claimed his life. Please consider making a donation today towards the adaptive equipment Connor needs to live life to the fullest.

“When I first read Connor’s story, it punched me in the face,” said IM ABLE Founder, Chris Kaag. “I knew that we had to step up and help this family. With your support, The IM ABLE Foundation will be able to present Connor with a Delta three-wheel recumbent bike at the Duathlon in Wyomissing, PA on Sunday, September 15th. This particular model has the ability to clip on to the back of his dad’s bike so they can ride together.”

Connor Paul Gavell was interested in the military even as a child. “By the time he was 12 years old, he and his friends were participating in Revolutionary War reenactments,” said his mother, Wendy. “They later enlisted together.”

Connor proudly served as a Combat Medic with the Airborne 501st Geronimo stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. In April 2017, at 20 years old, Connor was in an accident where his Revolutionary War reenacting musket exploded. A 7cm metal shard entered his forehead above his left eye, severing the language center of his brain and paralyzing his right arm and leg.

“The doctors and staff at Walter Reed saved my son’s life,” said Wendy on a phone call with us during a break at a conference in Texas for Caregivers like her. “It’s been two and half years of surgeries including several bouts of infections. I don’t think there’s anyone else in the world who could have handled it better. He did it with such resilience and strength.”

“We never thought he’d be able to stand up ever again,” said Wendy. “This past Father’s Day, he was doing it! He still struggles with his balance and needs someone beside him all the time. That’s why biking is so important to him. It’s an activity he can participate in fully. Cycling has opened up a whole new world to Connor – providing a sense of freedom and independence –as well as a form of physical and social therapy.”

Thank you for making a donation today to support Connor and IM ABLE adaptive athletes throughout the year. and join us at the Duathlon to meet Connor, his family, and adaptive athletes from all over the region.