The #IMABLEChallenge was created by founder Chris Kaag to give img_2278-1organizations a chance to have their able-bodied team members experience the difficulties adaptive athletes face when looking to stay fit by creating a short workout that mirrors one of his regular circuits.  

“Able bodied people can just throw on a pair of shoes and be exercising in seconds. For us adaptive athletes, it is not so easy. Often we require specialized equipment, facilities (and potentially trainers) just to remain active.”

Over the course of 1-2 hours, participants will get a chance to not only try adaptive hand cycles and equipment, but also to the experience of transitioning between exercises and in and out of a wheelchair without the use of their legs.

In addition to raising awareness to the any #IMABLEchallenge participating company will get t-shirts just for each participant taking part, (provided they challenge another company once their team has completed the challenge)

How to Participate:

We’re asking each company to make a commitment to a 6 weeks of inclusive fitness programing for 50 adaptive athletes via a donation of $5,000 to the foundation.

Challenges will take place either onsite at Corp Fitness/ IM ABLE, or at your company’s location.

Shoot an email to info@imablefoundation.org to schedule your organization’s challenge day.

About IM ABLE Adaptive Fitness Programs:

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With the help of occupational and physical therapy students from Alverina and Penn State Universities, IM ABLE works with local schools, organizations and nonprofits to provide inclusive fitness programming.

Programing typically includes group functional fitness classes that accommodates all with differing physical and cognitive abilities.


Challenges in Action

Note: Challenges conducted for participating companies will be a scaled according to the desires and fitness levels of participants