IMPACT – Tony and Sandy Petro

Physical fitness. Two very simple words and yet they encompass so much meaning related to an individual’s life and well-being.  IM ABLE’s Inclusive Fitness Personal Training started as a small initiative to help individuals with disabilities achieve their personal fitness goals as well as to help them lead a happier, more active life. Whether they … Continue reading IMPACT – Tony and Sandy Petro

IMPACT – Jennie Lillis

**Jennie has been participating in IM ABLE Foundation’s adaptive fitness program since autumn, 2018. She reluctantly agreed to share her story. What follows is her unedited, uninterrupted response to one question: “What brought you to IM ABLE?”  Warning: this story contains graphic content that some may find disturbing.  I had a stroke on March 10th, … Continue reading IMPACT – Jennie Lillis