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This September at the IM ABLE Duathlon and 5K, the foundation presented five worthy individuals with grants for adaptive cycling equipment. This presentation was the most grants IM ABLE has ever give out at one time! We want to thank all of our supporters for making this a possibility including those who contributed to the adopt-a-bike program at the IM ABLE Bash. At this pace, IM ABLE is slated to award over 30 grants to deserving people this year alone, and we could not have done this without each of you!

Because of the support of our IM ABLE family, we were able to change five incredible individuals lives. The five individuals who received grants all have seen immense benefits from their new adaptive equipment.

Lets get to know a little more about our five newest IM ABLE grant recipients!

Doug Horning lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident in 2011. An avid motorcyclist, Doug could not imagine his life without his “bike”. Now, through this grant, Doug is able to explore a new form of riding by using recumbent trike. Doug remarked, “even though I consider myself to be a beginner athlete, this grant allows me to be even more active and hopefully compete in the IM ABLE duathlon or even the Got the Nerve? triathlon”. We look forward to seeing where Doug’s ride takes him.

Lori Fetter, is a Pediatric Stroke survivor, who, as a result, was left with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and visual impairment. Lori also received a cycling grant.

Lori is an unbelievable individual who centers her life around educating others. Lori commented, “these physical challenges became opportunities [for me] to educate the general public and I dare say ‘pay it forward’ through volunteer activities”. By receiving a piece of recumbent “Delta” cycle, Lori now has that ability to “be more mobile, while providing a means of maintaining physical fitness.” Lori went on to say, “Receiving this IM ABLE grant benefits me by promoting a more active, independent and visibility enhancing lifestyle.” Lori looks forward to getting outdoors and enjoying her newfound independence. We can’t wait to see how far you go Lori!

 Shelly Houser was born with Hemi Pelvetomy, no hip or leg. She reached out to IM ABLE when she “came to the realization that [she] was letting life and things [she] used to enjoy pass [her] by”. With her new hand-cycle, she is “gaining confidence and staying active while spending time with [her] children.” She went on to say, “I am enjoying life again and forgot how fun cycling is”. Shelly goes further and further everytime she rides and is fulfilling the promise she made to her family and to herself to … get up and move!

Jamie Kirlin was in a motorcycle accident in 2010 and is a T-11 complete paraplegic. Now spending his life in a wheelchair, Jamie remarks on the struggles that he has faced: “Many things have been taken away from me as a result of using a wheelchair. But the most important one for me was physical activity- it was the hardest to deal with.” Through the work of the IM ABLE foundation and the support of our donors Jamie is now able to live a healthy lifestyle. He is able to ride his
hand-cycle and experience all the benefits of staying mobile and active.

Finally, meet Cory Weidman. Cory has AMN (Adrenomyeloneuropathy), which has left him without use of his legs. Cory does not look at his disorder as a limitation. He said, “My disorder does not define me and my abilities because there is always a way to accommodate and overcome ones disadvantages and live a can do life”. Through an IM ABLE grant Cory now has no limitations. He is out riding his hand-cycle daily and living a more active lifestyle than he could have ever imagined.

Thank you again to all of the IM ABLE supporters for making this grant presentation a reality. And as always… GET UP AND MOVE!


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