If you would like to participate in a demo day, as a participant or a volunteer, please fill out the form below. IM ABLE’s Adaptive Fitness Certified Trainer will reach out to you to determine which piece of our equipment will be best suited to your abilities. 

IM ABLE’s mission is to remove obstacles that prevent people with disabilities from getting active. For many, the obstacle is certainly financial, but even before that, it’s simply opportunity. Individuals considering investing in an adaptive cycle can be overwhelmed with the options available now and have no chance to get hands-on experience trying them out.  

The Foundation currently owns 15 hand-cycles in a wide range of designs capable of accommodating athletes of nearly every ability. Demo days are free to participate – sponsorships are available!

They are held in parks, businesses and on paths throughout this region. This is an opportunity for people to test and evaluate the alternatives before purchasing equipment of their own, or to apply to IM ABLE for financial assistance to do so.  

Volunteers are welcome and appreciated at Demo Day Events. What’s a better way to volunteer than to go on a bike ride?!?