15th Annual Got the Nerve triathlon

Registration is OPEN for the 15th Annual Got the Nerve? Triathlon May 19, 2018 https://register.chronotrack.com/r/32195!!

In addition we’re excited to share our new partnership with Andrew Yoder Professional Triathlete & Triathlon Coach. See below to learn more about how he can make your triathlon experience even better!!

“Got the Nerve? Triathlon sparked my triathlon passion and provided the platform for me to pursue a professional career in triathlon. Born and raised in Lancaster, Mount Gretna has always been a site for endurance sports such as running and mountain biking. When Got the Nerve? Triathlon came onto the scene in 2004, it offered local triathletes with great season opener and the opportunity to race for something more than themselves by supporting the IM ABLE Foundation. Chris has done an exceptional job by providing a high quality race while maintaining a grass roots feeling of inclusivity, community, and camaraderie.”

Website: www.yoderperformance.com

Facebook: Yoder Performance

Bio: Andrew Yoder is a high performance triathlon coach based in Lancaster, PA. He raced as a professional triathlete for 9 years and was considered one of the best cyclists in the sport. Andrew has worked with some of triathlon’s top coaches and uses his experience and knowledge of the sport to develop his own unique training methodologies.

Andrew uses a real coaching approach of constant communication and fully customized training programs to help his athletes reach their potential. He coaches athletes of all abilities and designs a training program balanced with each individual’s life commitments.