IM ABLE Grants are awarded to disabled individuals and supporting organizations and provide hand-cycles, adaptive skis and instructional training programs for those in need.  As part of the grant making process the foundation reviews the prospective grant recipient’s financial position.

A potential grant recipient’s household income may in some cases exceed the maximum level to be eligible for full funding.  In this case the individual may receive a partial grant.  After approval of a partial grant, the now grantee would need to raise the pre-determined balance of the funds needed to purchase their adaptive equipment.  Potential grant recipients may also live outside of our giving area. To make this easier for the grantee and to be able to help as many people as we can, IM ABLE has established the IM ABLE Athlete Campaigns System (ACS) to facilitate this fundraising effort.  All dollars raised in system are fully tax deductible.

The individual campaigns are considered restricted funds earmarked for the designated athlete.  IM ABLE as a policy will deduct 15% of all funds raised in the ACS to cover banking and processing fees related to the donation.  Any surplus funds from the campaigns will be held by IM ABLE and utilized to support our Adaptive Equipment Grant program.


Tyler Carter

Tyler is looking for financial sponsors to help him train and work towards his goal of competing in the 2018 Paralympic Games as a skier. Any donation will help him work towards his goal of going back to the Paralympics in 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea. All donations are tax-deductible and directly benefit Tyler. Thank you for your support and if you wish to learn more about Tyler or contact him check out his website,
Donate to Tyler’s Campaign

Kira Kolbe

The day following Christmas, 2012, Kira Kolbe’s car took a bad spin on black ice and met up with a fuel tanker in the oncoming lane.  Lucky to escape with her life, she suffered injuries to body and brain. Eight surgeries later, five of which were cranial, the 22 year old was told her physical therapy had taken her as far as the insurance would allow.  Her doctor, knowing she had more work to do, suggested that she try Pilates and directed her to every body Pilates Studio in West Reading. Her doctor told her to talk to Lisa Priebe, the studio owner.  Kira’s accident left her dependent upon a walker. Her left side is weak and consequently her balance and muscle strength has suffered. She compensated by walking on the outsides of her feet. “One of our earlier challenges,” explained Lisa, “was to get her feet straight and flat on the ground.”  Her weekly workout sessions have accomplished that and much more. Her  physical therapist, who saw a recent video on YouTube in which Kira was walking with only the aid of her father’s hands on her hips was enthusiastic about her Pilates progress. The changes from her final PT visit had been that remarkable.
Donate to Kira’s Campaign

Beth Kase

While hiking on the Appalachian Trail, Beth came down with flu and strep throat. She became septic and gangrenous, with her organs in complete failure. After a 30 day coma, she awoke to normal organ function. However, her left leg had to be amputated below the knee, in addition to part of her right foot. Eventually, both hands were amputated as well. The recovery process has been long, but Beth has not become discouraged. She is the quintessential outdoorswoman, and can’t wait to return to her active lifestyle. Hiking is not an option, due to her injuries. Cycling is a better option now.

Beth requires a custom bike that will accommodate her prostheses. IM ABLE received an extremely generous donation that has covered most of this equipment. However, due to the extensive customization needed on this equipment, the cost has climbed higher than anticipated. Any contributions to her campaign would be most appreciated. We can’t wait to see Beth get up and moving again! Any funds in excess of what is needed for Beth’s bike will go towards someone else in need of equipment. Thanks for your support!
Donate to Beth’s Campaign

Jazlaya Haring-Thomas

Jazlaya is an 8 year old in 3rd grade. She was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia which is an underdevelopment of the optic nerves causing blindness. Jazlaya has not let any medical label define her or stop her from being successful in life. She is a fluent Braille reader and writer and is on grade level with her peers. Due to her blindness and physical limitations she has not had the opportunities to explore the world outside like the rest of her classmates. Providing her with an adapted bike will allow her the freedom to explore her environment in a new and exciting way. Jazlaya is a spunky, vibrant, young lady who lights up the room with her smile and contagious giggle. Her desire to learn and her curiosity spark a passion in others around her to help her grow and reach her full potential. We are so grateful for this opportunity and would love and appreciate any donation amount. Thank you for your interest in Jazlaya’s campaign!

“Don’t let your sight get in the way of your vision.” –Michael Hingson
Donate to Jazlaya’s Campaign



Jared Fenstermacher of Mohrsville set off this past summer on a cross-country bike ride to raise money for the organization, For Pete’s Sake, which helps cancer patients. Tragically, Jared’s ride ended in Iowa on August 11, when he was hit by a truck. The accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

The cycling community has rallied in support of Jared. Please join us in our joint effort to help Jared on his Ride to Recovery. The first of the planned rides to benefit Jared will take place November 25, 2016. If you are unable to attend the ride, but would like to make a donation towards the event, please click the link below.
Donate to Jared’s Campaign

Lily Higgins

Lily is almost 12 yrs old. She was born a typical kid, but at age 7 sustained severe anoxic brain injury as the result of a choking accident. Lily is now confined to a wheelchair, and is non verbal. She stills appreciates being outside, feeling the sun on her face and the wind in her hair. The goal is to provide Lily and her family with a wheelchair accessible bike. The Veloplus bike would allow a family member to pedal the bike, while Lily is a passenger in the front of the bike. This bike would allow the family to enjoy the outdoors together again! Thanks for your interest in Lily’s campaign!
Donate to Lily’s Campaign